About me

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I learned the art of doing beautiful things from the most experienced Italian artisans who for years I met during my production of raw materials for the best Italian woolen mills.

I have always loved to create and do with them, the clothing and accessories that then became part of my wardrobe.

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It has always fascinated me to travel and discover distant territories and people, often in marvelous and inaccessible places, to know their culture, their natural resources, to share their lifestyle.

For a long time I have created friendships and close collaborations that allow me access, selection and procurement of the finest and most exclusive qualities, from the fine cashmere fibers of the Alashan region in Inner Mongolia to the Niloticus and Porosus crocodile breeding, to the Japanese tanneries that use only vegetable products, to the exterminated Andean plateaus with the mythical Vicuña, the fiber of the Gods!

Among all I have chosen as my hallmark the crocodile, which with the right balance I insert in each of my garments, thus becoming the symbol of my collections.